Ex-Satan Worshiper Exposes The Devil And His Secrets

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  1. The enemy is weak, there is power in the name of Jesus! He has nothing on the sons of God. When you walk in power and authority, and live by Gods word, there is nothing the enemy can say or do to break that! My relationship with my father is so great the devil dosen’t even bother messing with me, he attacks my unsaved family instead. Thats why its up to us to speak the word into our loved ones, pray for those that are unsaved and anyone else that comes in contact with us, it is our mission to spread the love of Jesus, he loves each and every1 of us and wants us to join him in everlasting life and have heaven here on earth. Powerful testimony bless u brother Rameriz

  2. I feel so concern by this testimony, even by the grace of God I never directly touched to those stuffs, but still I feel concern because we really have a lack of discipline in the presence of The Lord. I wish this man of God could come and visit ther is a fellowship who’s need to listen the full version and more again from this man of God.

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