Experienced Life Miracles with Their Baby Until He Went Heaven, Faithful Parents Share Gratitude to God

God knows how much pain it gives when He takes away somebody who’s important to us. But do you know that God has a greater plan in your life? You may not see the reasons behind losing your loved ones but in the future, you will come to realize that what happened is part of God’s masterpiece.

Leah and Judah Bucko was expecting another son and decided to name Him Reuben. Pregnancy has always been difficult especially if it goes with a lot of complications. With Leah’s case, the doctors found out that the baby has a lot of fluid around him and that he will not survive. The doctors told the couple that the baby will die in 16 weeks and even advised them to undergo the abortion. Leah and Judah are faithful servants of God and in this kind of situation, there’s no room for them to doubt the power of God. They refused to do the abortion and has strengthened their faith in God that everything will be fine. She even told the doctors that she will be coming back with a miracle.

After her next two ultrasounds, the fluid miraculously disappeared. But this is not the end of their struggle, the doctors informed them that Reuben has a heart condition and a cyst on his brain which is a serious genetic disorder. Leah gave birth December 30th but the doctors discovered that Reuben has a developed Edward’s Syndrome that can shorten his lifespan. The couple remained hopeful and their foundation of faith became stronger because of this test. They know for a fact that God will allow things to happen according to His will. On January 7, Reuben went home to heaven with Jesus. This caused so many heartaches to his parents but there were no regrets on their part.

God doesn’t answer all of our prayers the way we’d like it to be. God knows how we feel with this kind of situation and he will make sure that we are strong enough to overcome such things. He will not send us to a battle without being armored. God’s love is enough for us to feel secure. His grace is sufficient for His children.

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