Father Allowed Son To Die To Save Train Passengers, Astonishing Sacrificial Love


We all encounter difficult situations that require wise decisions. These are things that we need to gauge and consider both options. This decision making often needs prayer and guidance from God. Always ask for heavenly wisdom in order to come up to a wise decision. You don’t just think of yourself all the time, sometimes we also need to sacrifice our personal happiness for the sake of others.

A man worked as a train operator where he met different types of people every day. The train was filled with passengers of different personalities. These people had their own battles that they faced every single day. He had a son that he loved so much. One day, his son fell off the bridge and the father was stuck into making the hardest decision in his life. He was left to choose between saving the train passengers and let his son die, or save his son and let the people die. He showed sacrificial love towards men that he decided to save numerous people and lost his only son.

This is the greatest example of God’s love towards men. Despite being sinners, God sent His only begotten Son into the world to be nailed on the cross and redeem us with His precious blood. It was a stubborn love that He gave unto men that we should be grateful. Read John 3:16 in your bible and discover the greatest love of all!