Former Satanic High Priest Declares Power of Prayer To Keep Satan Away Gives Goosebumps To Listeners


Life gives us two options and we are only allowed to choose one. A man cannot serve two masters at the same time. We are given the chance to choose whether we want to live a life doing good things or we choose to follow the works of evil. God has given us the knowledge to differentiate right from wrong and we were given the freedom to choose the path that we want to tackle.

John Ramirez is a former high priest who practices the work of the evil into his neighborhood. He even tried offering animals as sacrifices to Satan but now he’s a reformed man. In one of his interview, he declared an important message of how powerful prayer is. Pray without ceasing! This is what the Bible always tells us but the question is, how big is your faith that your prayer will be answered?

Ramirez has shared how he planned to enter a neighborhood and attract them to be followers of Satan. But then he failed because of the power of prayer. They were strongly holding hands and prayed steadfastly and Ramirez failed his mission. Their faith in God was firm and it served as their protection against evil works. God’s power is the strongest among all powers. Nothing in this world can overcome the power of God and now Ramirez has become a follower of God.

John Ramirez Says Christian Prayer in Neighborhood Kept Satan Out!
I Came across this clip I mentioned, from the excellent John Ramirez testimony (See the Thunder and Light Studios interview) and what stuck out for me was when he said Christians in neighborhoods praying kept Satan’s destroyers out!