Franklin Graham’s Comment on Trump Opposition ‘Almost Demonic’ Sparks Controversy


Reverend Franklin Graham recently shared his opinions on the current political state especially on the growing number of people voting to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump.

Graham joined Christian author and radio personality Eric Metaxas in his show to talk about the presidential opposition. When asked what he feels about living in a “bizarre situation” wherein the “people seem to exist to undermine the president,” the reverend called it “almost a demonic power.” Metaxas interjected and said “almost” shouldn’t be included.

“It is a spiritual battle…All of this is because Donald Trump said he was going to turn things around and make American great again. He cut taxes and that cutting added fuel to this economic engine that we’re enjoying right now,” Graham touted Trump’s presidency.

However, Peter Wehner, senior fellow with the Ethics & Public Policy Center, disagreed with Graham and Metaxas labeling of the Trump oppositions as “demonic.” In a column for The Atlantic, he wrote that “there is no biblical or theological case to support the claim” that they are under the spell of the devil. He called the claim an invention made “out of thin air, a shallow, wild, and reckless charge meant to be a conversation stopper.”

“Do demonic powers explain opposition to all politicians supported by Graham and Metaxas, or to Trump alone? Would they argue that all Christians (and non-Christians) who oppose Trump are under the influence of Satan?” Wehner said. Others also took to social media to express disbelief at Metaxas’ “demonic” claim.

Lisa Sharon Harper on Twitter

I can’t believe I actually used to respect @ericmetaxas. He positioned himself as an Evangelical thought leader on daily discipleship. Feels like a horror movie now. All these people seemed so good then. Now we see: It was a mask. Under the mask they were white nationalists.

On his end, Metaxas clarified his statement in a tweet. He said neither he nor Graham called the people opposing Trump as “demonic”. However, he clarified that there can be “spiritual forces involved.”