Girl Born with Rare Condition Sings “Amazing Grace” Before She Could Even Speak


7 years ago, when Grace Rodgers was still in her mother’s womb, she was given a harsh verdict by doctors who decided she was not fit to be born to the world due to a physical condition. Today Grace is very well alive and inspires millions with her songs.

Jeff and Angela Rodgers, parents of Grace, got married in 2008. When Angela was pregnant, she heard an extremely obnoxious news that no mother would want to hear.

Doctors told Angela that something wasn’t right with Grace and strongly recommended her to abort the baby considering the baby’s suffering after she is born.

Angela and Jeff, who were brought up with strong Christian values, rejected the doctor’s proposal and decided to have the baby.

Grace Anna has a condition called Conradi Hunermann Syndrome which is a rare form of dwarfism. This condition affects only one in 400,000 babies. Babies born with the condition usually have problem in their spinal curvature, sparse scalp hair, scaling of the skin and also may have cataract.

Grace went through many surgeries after she was born. Especially she had detached retinas and she also failed her hearing test.

“For months, she just lay there in the hospital bed,” Angela her mother said. “I’d just sit there and stroke her arm and sing to her.”

Something miraculous happened when Grace was around 20 months old.

“Grace was around 20 months old, and before she could even speak, she just started singing ‘Amazing Grace’ out of nowhere,” Angie shared. “She seemed to love it.”

This became a turning point in Grace’s life as well as the family’s life. The fact that Grace was able sing despite her failing in the hearing test was something amazing for the family.

Though the little girl has many difficulties in life, she is never in a bad mood.

“We travel to other states for her health care as far as Maryland as well as in our home state of Kentucky. With all of that said, she is never in a bad mood,” Angela said.

Grace is also a girl of faith. “She loves Jesus. She believes wholeheartedly in prayer, that when you pray, God answers,” Angela added.

Grace Anna inspires millions online through her Facebook page with 1.2 million followers. She also has a YouTube channel.