Grandson Surprises Grandma With Her 30-Yr-Old Song – Fishing In The Sky!


30 years ago, Tommie Sue Wilkey wrote this song. But, as a recent widow at that time, she had to focus on raising her kids and on her present-day struggles of making it through this world alone. She would sing the song with her son, Robert Smith, whenever she remembers her husband. Recording her song on cassette tape was the farthest she got. To her, getting her song published was a fanciful hope.

However, her grandson Travis Ryan Smith made her dream a reality by singing it back to her this past Christmas Eve. Her reaction to her song recorded on video plus her grandson’s melodious rendition of it was a perfect combination waiting to go viral.

The sensation that this video created on the internet is a sweet payback to all the lonely years that the song endured. Whether, “Fishing In The sky” waited for her grandson to sing it and for the internet to make it viral and success, we would never know. Yet, what is clear is that the song touched all of its’ listeners and made everyone cry. A very significant fact is that the song has a lesser impact without Tommie Sue’s moving visual image. The singer’s voice and the video cannot be separated! – They are one. So, get the tissues, play the video and be enraptured…

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30 years ago, this grandmother wrote a beautiful song about re-uniting with your loved ones in heaven. 💔🌅 Her grandson Travis wanted to make his grandma’s song immortal and decided to record it for…