Group Of People Gave Audience Goosebumps Through Singing Praises To God


There’s so much reason in the world to thank God for everything that He gave us. Most of the time we only remember Him if we are in the midst of trials and we’re left with no choice but to call on His name. The moment God answers our prayer, we can’t even afford to thank Him back. God sees everything that we do and there’s nothing that we can hide from Him. He looks not just on your physical appearance but He examines what your heart contains. God is good all the time and we need to appreciate all the things that He has given us. Let Jesus know that you are thankful for all that He gave you by singing praises glorifying His mighty name.

There’s a lot of ways on how to worship Jesus. Each one of us was given unique talents in different aspects and we need to determine God’s calling in our lives. We have seen a lot of people who sings well yet they can’t even sing songs of praises to God. For people who were born to be worship leaders, it’s not just their talent that matters but what matters most is the work of the Holy Spirit. The moment they step on the stage facing the audience, they serve as the bridge between the congregation and God. They let the Holy Spirit work on themselves and sing praises to God with their hearts out.

We have prepared a video below which shows an incredible way of worshipping Jesus. A group of people who leads the congregation in singing praises to God shows how happy they are in serving God as they indulge all of their energy to show the world how happy they are in serving Christ. Don’t miss out the video because you will surely be inspired of how these people can lead a congregation into God’s throne. This is the best praise and worship team that I have ever seen! Don’t forget to click play, they will not disappoint!

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I will never be tired of watching this. May all the praise and glory to our GOD. 💓