He Was Abandoned By His Parents For Being Ugly And Now He Is a HERO!

Everyone likes to enjoy the life with parents and friends. We don’t want to feel alone and we are looking for a role model to follow their path of success. But the life of Jono Lancaster was entirely different.

He was born with a rare genetic condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome, a disorder of the facial bones and tissue that can dramatically affect appearance, hearing, sight and breathing.

It usually doesn’t affect intelligence, and many patients can live long with treatments. But it has no cure.

Lancaster, 30, was abandoned by his parents at just 36 hours old, He always felt alone growing up with the condition and he spent most of his developing years depressed and acting out.

He faced cruel bullying and rejections. Jono has discovered on Facebook that he has two younger siblings who have no idea he exists. But his attempt to contact his biological parents only resulted in more rejection.

Now, Jono Lancaster is an inspiration to children, having the same conditon. He travels the world meeting children with the disorder, helping families cope with it and speaking to groups about awareness, education and bullying prevention.

Jono is developing a brace of fans, like young Zackary in Australia, who love him as a hero.

Two-year-old Zackary Walton, was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, got the oppurtunity to spend three days with his hero. The family witnessed a wonderful bond between Zackary and Lancaster. They were very much worried about their son’s future. But Lancaster gave them hope and inspiration.

Now Lancaster is a part of Zackary’s family. He hated Treacher Collins, he hated his life. But now he believes, God made him for a good reason and he is proud of it.

He is an important role model to anyone anywhere upset about how they look and his speeches have helped change people’s attitudes to love themselves for who they are.

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  1. Parents that reject their children due to such causes are not humans. In fact they are to blame as they have created him so they must go back to their own DNA and be tested to see what has caused the problem not rejecting him sis on you parents. god has given you this child by allowing you to get pregnant with both of you and your husband’s DNA how can you do this? Well Lancaster let me tell you one thing God loves you more than them because they have abandon you and one day they have to stand before God and they willbe rejected.

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