Hell Is Real. But Thank God….So Is Jesus, He Is The Only Way!

Soldier goes AWOL ends up in Hell and comes back to tell about it!  This is a Real and Powerful testimony!

When Carl died for 30 minutes from taking cocaine and Valium, he went to hell. “Hell is real. Hell is 100% real” he says. What he saw when he passed from this life to Hell is more horrifying than any monster you can imagine.

Hell is real, do not waste your life! Seek Jesus and close to Him!!

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  1. Jesus doesnt send anyone to hell…He allows free will. If you decide to reject Him while on the earth and his death on the cross you therefore make the decision to go to hell yourself. He is a God of mercy and grace and doesnt want even one to perish ❤

  2. I believe it When I was a young girl I was smashed in between the window frame and the lady had backed into the car door as I was getting out of a 2 door mavrickI went uncouise and I don’t know why but I seen Demon’s I was probably around 11 yrs old I’m 54 now but I’ve always believed God let me see this to let me Know I didn’t ever want to go to hell I’m 54 now and I will never forget that

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