Hillsong Worship Leader Continues To Defy Science With Her Miraculous Recovery From Brain Aneurysm


Chelsea Lee Taylor is a living testament to the saying that “prayer can move mountains.” Doctors have declared the Hillsong worship leader clear of any further operations and she owes her recovery to the Christian community who were ceaseless in their prayers to God for her health.

Taylor, her family, and members of the Sydney-based Hills campus in Australia where she serves, have a reason to celebrate and praise God now that she is back to her sprightful and chatty self. Taylor’s mother updated Emma Fellers, creative administrator at Hillsong Church, of her daughter’s situation and it’s the best news that everyone could ever receive.


Taylor is not out of the woods yet but she has a fighting spirit. As the community continues to pray for her, Fellers also continues to update everyone about her recent progress on her Instagram.


The news comes after the devoted Christian leader suffered an aneurysm on August 18 after Sunday worship service. She underwent a nine-hour brain surgery, which was successful, and she has been in the hospital since under strict supervision.


Doctors are closely monitoring her progress since the aneurysm affected a major artery. Taylor endured pain in her body, on-and-off fever, a swollen face, and more days’ stay at the ICU because of vasospasm in her brain.

However, God is good and the prayer brigade has been nonstop. Church members also visited Taylor at the hospital, which helped uplift her spirit.  As the days go on, she only gets better and better and her family is calling her progress a miracle. Taylor continues to smile despite her situation and remains steadfast in her faith in God that He will be there with her through it all.


Indeed, praying to God is a powerful weapon that can grant mercies and wishes. As it is written in Jeremiah 29:12, “Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you,” the Lord listened to the Christian global community who prayed for Taylor’s recovery and He answered their prayers.