Hindu Woman Asks Jesus to Make Himself Real, He Did!

Neelu’s family had severe financial problems because of medical bills. They prayed to Hindu gods but nothing worked. After her sister told her about Jesus and asked her to watch a Christian program, Neelu started to believe Jesus. But she struggled to break away from the gods she had worshiped for more than 40 years, so she prayed the true God who created the world and her life would appear to her, and the miracle happened…

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  1. My dear i tell you the truth there is no God except Jesus i dont know why people still believe on false God who is not God at all but am happy for the women coz lord open her eyes. I say to all non of the God feels and care for people but Jesus feel and care for his people he show them the true way he answer our prayer whatever we ask him for and he does it and he is the true God and mighty God and our saviour.

  2. Yes im Glad she found the true God Jesus Christ the Lord of Lord the king of king he is coming back in this world one day to take us !it is written in the Bible Mhattew 14 1 ~4 also different place in the Bible save ur souls ppl No Jesus No Heaven Jesus said im the way the door and the light no bady else ! No Hendu Gods No Mahamed No sun and moon just Jesus Christ! !!

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