How Can 8-Month-Old Bleeding Baby Survived In Tragic Burning Car Accident, God Sent Guardian Angel!

Tulonga Neputa is one of the bravest mothers that I’ve known. She was traveling with her colleagues in South Africa when they came upon a terrible car accident. A couple of cars stopped along the road due to the accident and it was by God’s grace that Tulonga noticed a baby boy inside the car which was affected by the incident.

Tulonga is a mother of two and has a heart of a mother that would do whatever it takes for her children to be safe. So when she saw the baby, there was no second thought that she did not waste her time but instead she went near the car and took the baby off it. Her friends were amazed at what she did and she was so brave to do such thing thinking that the car could possibly harm her since it’s already burning.

When she already has the baby into her arms, she was rocking it to stop the baby from crying telling him that everything will be fine. It was an 8-month-old baby crying and her nose and mouth are already bleeding due to the impact of the accident. The baby could have been burned inside the car with his grandfather if not because of Tulonga’s courage to help. Nobody in the area helped or even attempted to pick up the child since the car is already burning. But because of Tulonga’s kindness and great affection as a mother, she couldn’t stop herself not to get the baby out of the car.

Her video went viral on social media but according to her, she doesn’t have any intention to be famous but she just wanted to help because that is the right thing to do. She was praying intensely that time asking for God’s help not to take away the baby.

God answered Tulonga’s prayer and baby Dex survived the accident. A mother’s love is truly unconditional, just like God’s love to His children. An unconditional and stubborn love that never let go of His children in whatever circumstances. God doesn’t choose people according to their status in life. God’s love is neutral between righteous and sinners.

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