I Died and Went to Heaven, Hear my Story


My name is Dr. Mary Neal and I used to be a typical American Christian, going to church and Sunday school like everyone else. Then, I went to college and medical school. I felt like I had to choose between religion and science. I got really busy as a wife, mother and surgeon. Jesus eventually became one more thing on my to-do list.

That all changed in 1999 when I literally died. I spent 8-10 minutes at the base of a waterfall and while I was underwater and dying, I asked that God’s will be done. The moment I asked that, I immediately felt a sensation of being held and comforted by Christ. He took me through a life review unlike anything I could have imagined. I went through each of the most painful memories of my life but it was different. This time, I also knew the life story of every other person who was involved and I was able to understand them and why they hurt me.

I discovered that where God’s love is present, there is no room for destructive emotion. I was also shown the beauty that came with each painful experience. Eventually my body came over the front deck of the boat and my spirit left my body. I was immediately greeted by group of people or spirits who were so overjoyed to welcome me home. Even as I was rejoicing, I could look back at the river and I could see my friends doing CPR on my bloated body. I knew I was home and I had no intention of returning.

I was in this pathway filled with aromas of flowers, which is what speaks beauty to my soul. During my time there, I had a complete understanding of the divine order of the universe. I realized that God knows each and everyone of us and has a plan for us. I was told that it wasn’t my time and I had more work to do on earth. I was given a list of what needed to be done. The hardest part of the list had to do with the sudden death of my son.

He was only nine at the time, but he was hit and killed by a car ten years later. I questioned why this had to happen. I was brought back to my life review and reminded that there was always beauty to be found in the painful experiences. I eventually went back to my body and endured many months of rehab and recovery.

I researched what happened to me and at the end of many months of research, I concluded that mine was a true and spiritual experience. Find out more about my experience in the video below: