Immigrant Got Sick But Was Thankful When God Sent An Angel To Rescue Her


God knows every situation that we’re currently experiencing. If there’s somebody who knows the best way to survive, it is only God. His Scripture declares His promise to us that no matter what happens, He will always be there for us and He will never leave us. It is normal for us to get through hardships in life. Everyone has problems to deal with. These trial were sent by God to test our faith to Him and make a better and stronger version of ourselves.

Cassie Camilo is a mother of 2 who left her kids in Brazil and migrated to the United States to get a good high paying job. She just had her divorce and was experiencing a financial crisis in life so she was determined to work hard and earn for a living. She was lucky to get hired in Peter DeRosa’s restaurant and not only that, but her boss Peter also helped her find another part-time job in order to help her. Cassie was so lucky to have a very generous and understanding boss. Peter knows that Cassie was a special lady and every time he asks Cassie to do something, she surely does some extra mile to do the job.

Cassie got sick one day and she called Peter telling him that she can’t report that day because of illness. Peter had her address on file so she decided to visit Cassie. When he arrived at Cassie’s home, he found her very ill and even the nurses told him that it’s a good thing that he found Cassie because something worst might happened if it took her so long to be brought at the hospital. Peter has done a lot of things to help Cassie giving value to her as an amazing employee. Don’t forget to click play and know Cassie’s story as she inspires everyone.

Unlikely Friendship Changes Everything For This Immigrant And Her Family
At age 35, Cassie Camilo needed to make a life changing and heartbreaking decision. The loss of her Mom, a divorce, and financial dire straits left her with only one option… to leave her 2 small children behind in her homeland of Brazil and move to the United States of America in hopes to find a better life for her family.