Juliana: The Girl With The New Face (Full Documentary)

This powerful documentary tells the story of Juliana Wetmore, a girl born without a face. Now 5 years old, one committed Doctor helps build her face – and her future. We watch as this incredible little girl begins to live a normal life with her family for the first time.
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  1. I have watched Juliana since she was born and seen the hard times and the good times. These parents are awesome. Sometimes God does not totally fix something because the way we are, we can inspire people to believe in God. People ask me all the time that since God saved me a few weeks ago from dying of massive blood clot, why didn’t He make me where I could walk too. I told them I am thankful that He saved me when all the doctors said I would die. Each struggle I have inspires people to be kinder and more loving to others.

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