Justin Bieber Pens Heartfelt Message About His Faith in God and His Troubled Past

Justin Bieber poured his heart out on his recent Instagram post where he talked up about his faith in God, his family life, and how his past molded him to be a better person. He also shared a meaningful message about kindness to his fans.

The Canadian singer opened his post by sympathizing with people who have gone through hard times in life. People who have lost the will to live, who are depressed, struggling with problems in life, and going through disappointments one after the other. He’s been there and he knows exactly how it feels.

On his post, Bieber traveled down the memory lane and recalled the intense pressure put upon him during his career-high. The life of the then-13-year-old small-town boy drastically changed when millions of people started praising him and telling him how they love him and how great he is.

Bieber said his “whole world was flipped on its head” and the pressure that comes with stardom coupled with growing up in a broken family, eventually took its toll on his mental and physical health. Despite his success, he struggled with his relationships and his overall personal growth.

He “never learned the fundamentals of responsibility” because people did everything for him. His wealth meant he has access to anything he wanted, except “skills in the real world,” which he didn’t have when he turned 18. By 19, Bieber admitted to “doing pretty heavy drugs” and made wrong decisions in his relationships.

“I became resentful, disrespectful to women, and angry. I became distant to everyone who loved me and I was hiding behind a shell of a person that I had become,” the “I’m Sorry” singer wrote.

He made every bad decision he could make that turned him into the most loved artist to the “most ridiculed, judged and hated person in the world” when he turned 20.


However, Bieber made a turning point in his life when he discovered God and the rest followed. it took him years to correct his mistakes and fix relationships.

Sang at church last night. God is pulling me through a hard season. Having trust in Jesus at your worst times is the absolute hardest. But he is faithful to complete what he started. I also want to thank my wife for being such a huge support in my life through this season.. it says in the bible count it ALL JOY when you face trials of various kinds. Sounds insane considering when u face trials u feel terrible. But if we are grateful and worship god for what we do have in that season there is so much power in that… whatever pain you are going through just keep telling yourself THIS WONT LAST! Love you guys we in this together

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Slowly, he steered his life towards a better path, one that’s surrounded with love and guidance from God and from those who encourage him to be a better person including his wife Hailey Baldwin. Bieber especially takes marriage as a learning experience about “patience, trust, commitment, kindness, humility” and all the other things needed to be a good man.

Was gonna wait a while to say anything but word travels fast, listen plain and simple Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you! So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindLY. I promise to lead our family with honor and integrity letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision we make. My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS and I will ALWAYS put you first! You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else. You make me so much better and we compliment eachother so well!! Can’t wait for the best season of life yet!. It’s funny because now with you everything seems to make sense! The thing I am most excited for is that my little brother and sister get to see another healthy stable marriage and look for the same!!! Gods timing really is literally perfect, we got engaged on the seventh day of the seventh month, the number seven is the number of spiritual perfection, it’s true GOOGLE IT! Isn’t that nuts? By the way I didn’t plan that, anyways My goodness does feel good to have our future secured! WERE GONNA BE BETTER AT 70 BABY HERE WE GO! “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains FAVOR from the Lord!” This is the year of favor!!!!

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Above all else, he puts his faith and gratitude to God for helping him through his struggles and reminded his fans to do the same, to “keep fighting” even when the odds are against them because Jesus loves them. Bieber closed his candid post with a challenge: “Be kind today, be bold today and love people today not by your standards but by God’s perfect unfailing love.”

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