Little Boy Stuns Listeners With Beautiful Sweet Voice Singing “10,000 Reasons” Praising God


God’s blessings are overflowing and we can no longer count them one by one. From simple things to something valuable, God has answered all of our prayers and this is something that we should be thankful for. God has given us the precious gift of all, our life. We have all the reasons in the world to praise His holy name and declare His goodness to all men. 10,000 reasons is still less than the total number of reasons why we should thank God for His goodness is countless and His faithfulness in to our lives is enough to praise His mighty name.

We have heard a lot of inspiring gospel songs wherein the lyrics are truly inspirational and can feed our spiritual being. One of those is the song 10,000 Reasons which most of us are familiar to. The message of the song talks about all the reasons why we should glorify and praise God. It talks about His never-ending goodness that we need to appreciate. The song is originally written by Matt Redman who is a worship artist. The song has peaked number 1 in the US Christian Album Chart and the people loved it so much that they are very familiar to the lyrics. We may have 10,000 reasons to praise His name but we need to remember that He is not just a God during bad times. Always remember to thank Him for all the good things that He has done into our lives.

God is worthy of our praise and He is amazingly powerful. We have heard a lot of renditions of the song but this cute little boy did not disappoint! His sweet voice is perfect to every note that comes out of his mouth and his innocence represents that age doesn’t matter in worshiping God. When our strength is failing and we feel like we are almost there on the end part of our journey, look up to God and sing praises to Him that He may bless your soul and give mercy. Check out the video below and be amazed of this little boy’s magnificent talent. His voice is as sweet as the love of Jesus!

10,000 Reasons – Song By Matt Redman | Ft. Steven Samuel Devassy |
Song : 10,000 Reasons Song By : Matt Redman Ft. Steven Samuel Devassy Recorded by Ajay Joseph, Syam VS (Muzik Lounge Studios, Chennai) Mixing & Mastering By : Renjith C Rajan (Muzik Lounge Studios, Chennai) Edit By : Priyadarshan PG