Little Boy Without Limbs Touches Hearts as He Proudly Walks in Viral Video


When Katie Whiddon gave birth to her first child, she never imagined that her son would not have the limbs to see him through life.

Katie Whiddon became pregnant with her first child at the age of 19. At 18 weeks pregnant, she was informed by her doctor that her baby had a serious condition that he was not growing any limbs. The condition was called amelia-phocomelia.

The young mother was devastated. She became anxious about how she would be able to become the mother that her baby would need. She even thought that he might “just be a vegetable” and she didn’t even know what to expect.

The little angel Camden finally came to the world. Other than not having arms and legs, he was perfectly fine.

Happiness ✨

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According to Katie, when Camden was 2 months old, she saw that he was trying to hit the toys with his arms. That made Katie cry. For her, it was a confirmation that he would be able to do things.

In 2017, when Camden turned 4, he learned to do something that amazed his parents – he stood up and slid across the floor, upright.

My buddy 💙

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The proud parents started to cry. They didn’t know when Camden would be able to do it or if that day would even come. The couple captured Camden’s maiden flight on video and it didn’t take long for it to go viral.

Camden was exclaiming, “I’m coming to you! I’m walking!”

Camden finally learned how to walk!

With some coaching and a pep talk from his Daddy, CAMDEN FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO WALK! I cried like a baby! I’ve been looking forward to this moment for the past 4 years and it finally happened! I am SO proud of Camden and I am SO BLESSED to be his Momma!

In the heartwarming video, Camden’s father Cole was encouraging Camden while Camden’s little sister Ryleigh was also cheering him on. They were already saying that Camden was “walking like Nick,” referring to the popular Nick Vujicic who has the same condition as that of Camden’s.

According to Katie, she has always felt in her heart that Camden would be doing something great! She looks forward to the day when he’s ready to speak for himself and continue to motivate many others.