Louie Giglio Says Winter Jam 2020 Mission Follows Jesus Who Went ‘Into The World’


Passion City Church Pastor Louie Giglio, who will headline the Winter Jam 2020 as a guest speaker, says his and the event’s mission is to bring Jesus to people from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, culture, political beliefs, and church standing.

The  62-year-old founder of the Passion Movement says that the Winter Jam 2020 mission is simple and that’s “to go into the world” telling people about Jesus. This involves all people from “different spheres of the world” regardless if we share the same beliefs or not, because we live “in an extraordinarily divided world.”

“We’re politically divided, we’re culturally divided, there’s an economic divide, there is great cultural divides, ethnic divides. Fifty percent of the people on the planet who don’t agree with you on just about whatever it is you want to talk about. In a world like that, we have Jesus in the midst of all that,” Giglio said in an interview with Christian Post about Winter Jam 2020.


The “Psalm 23 With Louie Giglio” host added that Jesus was a great example of what it means “to go into the world” because he did not preach for the church people alone. He went sharing the Gospel to everyone and anyone he meets on his pilgrimage, including the taxpayers, the harlots, and just about anyone he gets a chance to tell about the word of God.  Giglio says he patterns his mission with Jesus’ dedication in sharing the Gospel with everyone.


“The message of Jesus is, ‘I love everyone. I can relate to everyone. I have something to offer to everyone and I can talk to anyone,'” he said, adding, “I’ve just tried simply to make my message and my ministry about Jesus. I think that’s what I love about, even a night like Winter Jam.”

Giglio said he wishes to share the knowledge and love of and for Jesus because he is relevant to every age, culture, race, gender, and even political and economic standing.