Man Fixing The Roof Heard Enrique Iglesias’ Song “Bailando” What He Did Next Is Impressive


We all work so hard trying to survive life. It is the beauty of life knowing that you get what you want because you worked hard for it. Sometimes we may feel drained thinking that we spent all of our energy trying to do hard labor wherein at the end of the day, we find something to do that can make us relax. We set our motivation in order for us to continue reaching our dreams and we even try harder pushing ourselves to go on with what we used to do.

Andrew Wilcox is a man who works hard for a living yet he finds ways on how to lessen the hard work. Andrew is a roofer and it was one day when he and his colleague was trying to do some labor on fixing the room when something interesting happened. It was a normal sunny day up in the roof where the sound of their hammer can be heard. They were listening to the music when suddenly Enrique Iglesias’ song “Bailando” played on the radio. Andrew was not able to help himself but started dancing on the tune. He executed several naughty moves that are really funny. What’s more interesting is when his buddy started dancing too.

The boys really did have a lot of fun while they’re working. Somebody might see them dancing on the roof and took a video of them posting it on the internet. They gained a lot of views and went viral. If one thing can be learned from these boys, it is to see the beauty of life behind all hardships. Set your mind to be positive in whatever circumstances that you take and everything will be going smooth.

Energetic roofer can’t help but samba to Latino music
I consider myself an adopted Mexican: I lived for two years as a missionary in Arizona learning to speak Spanish, have eaten super spicy dishes, can cook mean re-fried beans, and have spent many days working alongside Mexicans at construction site. It’s only natural that when the radio plays those Latino tunes my hips start to sway.