Man Shares His Transformation After God Freed Him From HIV and Homosexuality


Mark Nelson is a living testament to what God’s mercy and saving grace can do to radically change a person’s life for the better. He shared how the Lord saved him from HIV and freed him from a life of homosexuality.

To commemorate World AIDS Day, Nelson shared his testimony of how God saved him from possible death when he was told he had AIDS. It was twelve years ago when he learned the devastating results from the admitting doctor at Capital Regional Medical Center in Tallahassee, Florida.

“I was a dead man that was quickly induced into a coma, and intubated on life support,” Nelson wrote on Facebook.

He said that his parents did not know about his diagnosis but God gave his mother a vision of the cross and nailed to the cross was a paper with the word AIDS written on it. Nelson said he “claimed this prophetic word of healing” over his body and now he is free of the debilitating disease.

“Today, I no longer have AIDS, because Jesus stepped into my situation and the power of His blood changed everything — this is proof that it takes a radical encounter with the Cross, and Jesus Christ crucified, to be fully transformed from the inside out. I’m now a new creation in Christ, the old life is gone, the new life is here.”

Nelson said that God freed him “from the bondage of homosexuality through a radical encounter with the cross and Jesus Christ crucified.” He got to share his testimony with a group of people at Trinity Family in Florida on Nov. 17.

Since then, he has been walking in the path of God and is in a committed marriage with his wife Beth for 11 years. He is also a pro-life activist and is active in bringing HIV awareness to the community.

Nelson testified that his encounter with Jesus Christ over ten years ago radically changed his life, one that is free from HIV and one that is filled with the love of God.

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