Man Stopped in the Middle of the Highway To Do Something ‘Unusual’


Something ‘unusual’ happened in the busy highway of Griffin, Georgia, one rainy afternoon. A truck parked haphazardly across both lanes causing the traffic to a standstill. It was later that people found out what’s happening!

E’Ondria Weems was one of those perplexed about the traffic situation. Later did she figured out what’s happening that eventually melted not just her heart but even of the millions of people who watched her video.

Caught on her cam was a man named Justin Jackson. He was at that time in the middle of the road, helping an elderly man who was walking in a slow pace with his walker to cross the busy highway.

Justin Jackson couldn’t stand seeing the elderly man as he tried his very best to walk as fast as he could with his walker, with cars zooming all around him, as he tries to cross the highway. Seeing this helpless man, Justin left his white pick up in the middle of the road, with his two children inside,  to offer a help that caused millions to adore him.

Indeed, helping others never goes out of style! Justin can’t just watch seeing this elderly in a dangerous situation knowing that he could do something. His simple act of kindness reminded millions of people to always choose to help.

Many praised Justin for the kindness that he did, but if you come to think of it, it was just so simple that anybody can do it. You do not need to be in a high position or to be a millionaire for you to help. Justin Jackson was a dad of five, not even a celebrity or a politician, but he saw that someone is in need and he exactly knew that he could do something, so he does.

Kindness seems to be an ‘unusual’ thing nowadays. We all walk in a fast pace that we don’t even have the time to notice the people who obviously need the help that we are very much capable of doing. So like Justin, let’s just stop for a moment and choose to offer kindness to those who obviously need it. You certainly are capable of doing something!