Man Turned His Back From Jesus Now Transformed To Faithful Christian


There are times that we feel that the whole world is against us. We encounter sorrow and misery in life wherein we think that was left alone and that nobody cares about our situation. Maybe we’re thinking that happiness is really hard to achieve just because of the hardships that we encounter. People are often not content of the things that they have on hand that is because they don’t know to themselves the real definition of happiness. You don’t need anybody to survive, with Jesus by your side everything would be easy.

Dr. Paul Lim is an immigrant at the age of 15. He is originally from South Korea and grew up with his dad being imprisoned. When they migrated to U.S., he found a Korean Church in Philadelphia where he started to go into with his parents. The church didn’t let him feel welcomed but instead he was ignored and ate alone. He was thinking that maybe people didn’t like him just because he was not wearing the right clothes and can’t even speak the language. Coming to America gave Paul a traumatic experience. So when his parents drove him to Yale, he finally got the chance to turn his back away from the church.

When Paul knew that his sister is marrying a missionary, he was totally mad because he hated that man. Until finally he was convinced to attend a retreat that he never expected to change his life. A group of seminary students was singing a song entitled “To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice”. While the song was playing, a lot of thoughts came to Paul and it seems like God is talking to him. Tears were running down his face and his brother-in-law asked him if he’s ok. Paul asked forgiveness as he told his brother-in-law how much he hated him. The last time that he cried is when he’s still 9 years old and he couldn’t find out why he was crying at that time. It is just like God has touched his life and was giving him an important message.

A week later he went back to Yale’s dorm and everyone was excited to share their winter break experience. When he finally had the chance to speak, Paul told his classmates his memorable experience of being transformed into a Christian. After that incident, he was left alone on the dormitory because his friends were busy getting drunk while he read the Bible and decided to stay alone. Paul became a faithful servant of God by choice and he did not regret being so. Later on, he found out that he has the gift of teaching. Watch the video below and listen to Dr. Paul Lim as he shares his amazing testimony.

From Atheist to Christian at Yale – Dr. Paul Lim
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