Mel Gibson’s Interview On "The Resurrection" Movie ("Passion Of The Christ 2")

The Passion changed the world. Greg Laurie is interviewing Mel Gibson on the recent news of him possibly preparing to film a continuation of “The Passion of the Christ” movie – an account about what happened AFTER the crucifixion! This has taken place in late August 2016 at the SoCal Harvest crusade… Will Mel actually make this movie? And will Evangelical Christians support the distribution of that movie after the problems with the law that the famous actor and director had in the past.

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  1. Oh i cant wait to see it!!! It’s so crazy how people can deny God it’s so obvious that everything has a Creator you look around this world ourselves we just didn’t pop here. And I would rather live as though there is a God and find out when I die that there isn’t then to live as though there isn’t and to find out when I die that there is!

  2. Funny how all ye people of faith take this Hollywood movie as a documentary. For I have to burst your bubble, it is NOT factual in any way, shape or form. The entire jesus story is a myth, a fable as there never ever was a supernatural jesus ever in actual reality. There very well could have been an eccentric jewish rabbi named jesus back in biblical times however a supernatural jesus I and REAL history highly doubt ever existed in REAL reality.

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