Mel Gibson’s Interview On "The Resurrection" Movie ("Passion Of The Christ 2")

The Passion changed the world. Greg Laurie is interviewing Mel Gibson on the recent news of him possibly preparing to film a continuation of “The Passion of the Christ” movie – an account about what happened AFTER the crucifixion! This has taken place in late August 2016 at the SoCal Harvest crusade… Will Mel actually make this movie? And will Evangelical Christians support the distribution of that movie after the problems with the law that the famous actor and director had in the past.

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  1. Wow I hope Mel Gibson does make a pt.2 he’s so awesome and I applaud him for making the passion of the Christ! It was the ONLY movie that shows Christ’s Death to the Bible! Where our Savior’s unrecognizable, etc! Mel’ a Good director! You got to give him that, so I pray there’s a pt.2 💜

  2. Jesus loves you khagen. He wants none to perish. No greater love has any man than he lay down his life for a friend. He did that for you and me and every person ever born. He alone paid the price for our sins. He alone is the only one that can forgive you of yours and keep you from eternity in hell. Please my friend read the gospel. Read the Acts. Read about Paul(Saul). He met Jesus on the way to Damascus. He went from a Jesus hater to a man that gave it all for Jesus. Read about Paul’s journeys. He gave his life because he knew Jesus was who he said he was. The son of god. Sent to save the world. And save you and your family. And all you have to do is ask him Khagen and believe. Don’t wait because tomorrow is never garrantied. Jesus is knocking Khagen answer the door before its to late.

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