Mom Shares Scripture to Daughter: Do Not Limit God!


The Bible contains the Holy Word of God written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit. It appears to be a simple book but the message within is incredible. It contains God’s message to men that we might be able to know Him in our lives and build a firm foundation of faith. It is where the promises of God were written and you will be surprised as you read every page of it. The Bible is considered to be the greatest weapon that we have against the enemy.

Jennifer Walker Smith was given the gift of the tongue that she uses in sharing the word of God. She was bestowed with heavenly wisdom to speak about God’s message to other people. She takes time to read the Bible and her wisdom is totally priceless! She had a conversation with her mom one day as caught on a video where her mom started to share the Scripture during their talk. The message was about trusting God and not limiting Him.

God is always there when everyone else is nowhere to find. He is always available to listen where there is nobody that you can talk to. God is everywhere, you can call on Him through your prayers. In times of sorrow and grieve, He will fill your heart with real happiness. God will remain faithful in our lives when everyone else cheats on you. He can be our best friend, and He will wipe the tears in our eyes until it runs dry.