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Mother Teresa’s Sharp Words About Abortion Instilled in Everyone’s Mind in the National Prayer Breakfast

The National Prayer Breakfast is one of the important celebrations in Washington, DC that is held every first Thursday of February. The president invites a guest speaker to speak to everyone in this gathering. In 1994, the special guest speaker was Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa is well known and is near to the heart of people. She is an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary who is famous for being a humanitarian and a woman of God who serves the poor and the unseen.

When she was invited as the guest speaker in the National Prayer Breakfast by President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton, Mother Teresa spoke about abortion which is always a subject of debate by many. This is an important topic that everyone should understand for it talks about a life being taken, a life granted by the Father in heaven. According to Mother Teresa, abortion is considered as murder and above that is rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ. As we all know abortion is killing a fetus inside a mother’s womb by the mother itself for some reasons that could benefit them. Abortion is a sin as to killing is also considered as a sin. Jesus said in His scriptures that if you accept a child, you also accept Him in your life. On the contrary, undergoing abortion means you are rejecting your child and avoid the responsibility that comes with it and it also follows that you rejected Jesus.

As Mother Teresa continued her speech, everyone is paying attention, because this is something that is an existing issue even in today’s generation. We need to remind ourselves that being pregnant is something that we are accountable for it is a result of our own action. Whatever circumstance life may bring if we keep the child, God will surely help us because we have chosen to do what’s right by avoiding abortion. God gave us life by His grace and mercy and we need to give an important value to it. Life is the greatest gift that God has given us and we should not put it in to waste. Abortion is not the answer to end your struggles in life because killing is a mortal sin and it is by sin that we fall short of the glory of God.

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