Muslim Woman Gives Jesus One Week To Prove Himself Before Ending Her Life…

From the time Padina was 4 years old, she followed every rule of Islam in an attempt to grow closer to Allah. But Padina could never reach Allah. “I never felt peace,” she said. “I would cry for hours to Allah, saying, ‘I am so far from you. I can never go into your presence.'” She felt depressed and hopeless…

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  1. Every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess that jesus christ is Lord. There is no other name above heaven you must be born again. And believe that God sent jesus to die on the cross for the sins of this world..

  2. Sis just talk to him as a friend he will reveal himself
    Wish I could tell you all I have been through all he has done for me jesus says behold I stand at the door and knock (door of our heart) and he who answer I will come in and sup with him

  3. Allah guides whom He will to the straight path. Yet Islam is the fasting growing religion. Really western Christians have peace of mind??? With all the alcoholism,institutionalised gayism and prostitution,racism,illegal sexual interourse,greed,devil worship,etc etc ?? What of the many christians returning to the worship of THE ONE GOD ALLAH/ALLE LUYA?

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