Muslim Woman’s Life Changed After Experiencing Jesus Presence

As a Muslim woman Amy was miserable living in constant fear why that her God Allah would send her to hell. One day, in the hospital room, Amy came face to face with a supernatural and she experienced an undeniable miracle.

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  1. This is a supernatural experience.. it’s not just a blind faith. God tells us to search for him with a sincere heart and we will be shown the truth. Jesus is the way truth and the life. There are not multiple ways to God. Not all religions lead to Heaven. No one can tell you to believe. But they can lead you to the evidence and I suggest you ask God to reveal himself to you and open the Bible with faith. Those that don’t believe will not understand the Bible. Once Jesus gives you his spirit you will understand and know the truth. He loves you so much He gave his life for you knowing we all are sinners. He is the only one to change our hearts to desire righteousness and no longer want to sin willingly. God bless your journey. Renz Nasir

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