‘My Conversion Therapist Is Jesus Christ’: Ex-Drag Queen Prostitute Shares How He Became A Man Again


Some people base masculinity on the physical aspects – deep voice, muscular physique and facial features, the ability to fight, and so on. Those who possess effeminate characteristics are sometimes mistaken as homosexuals although that is far from the truth.

Sometimes these mistakes can lead men to actually believe that they are gay. That they don’t measure up to become a man. Beliefs like these are often accompanied by past sexual trauma or physical abuse.

Kevin Whitt was among those who believed that he could never measure up to his father, who he said was verbally, physically, and sometimes sexually abusive to him. He said he grew up in a dysfunctional and broken family without a father figure because he was never around, and if he was, he did all those horrible things to him.

“I never felt like I measured up. I never was manly enough…I really never knew my true identity and I really never thought I could be a man because I never felt like I was what the world considered to be a man physically,” Whitt said during his testimony at the Orlando Freedom March on Saturday, Sept. 14.


It was with this mindset that he decided to use his feminity for personal gains. He became a successful drag queen and a transsexual woman prostitute for 17 years. He slept with several men he can’t even remember how many but estimated it to 5,000. He believed that he was supposed to be born a woman because a gender therapist told him so.


He lived a glamorous life and even auditioned for the famous reality TV show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” But then he met the Lord and everything changed. He never made it to the show. Instead, he turned to God for guidance and acceptance and started reading the Bible.

“…What I did go through and who is my conversion therapist is Jesus Christ,” he continued.


God’s grace and mercy delivered Whitt from a life of homosexuality. Even though he may “not be as masculine as the next man,” and that he still has “a little residue” from his past, he now believes that God created him as a man.

Whitt was just among the many former LGBTQ members who testified at the Freedom March about how God delivered them from a homosexual lifestyle and restored their identity. He now shares his experience and aims to help others find their God-given identity through the Dallas-based ministry called Coming Out Inc., where he is the outreach coordinator.