Nurse Adopts NICU Baby Who Never Had A Single Visitor


Has anyone ever constantly and devotedly told you, “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine.”? Well, here are 2 people who heartfully sing this song to each other without fail.

Liz Smith, a NICU nurse working in the Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Brighton, Massachusetts never thought of adoption until the day she first locked eyes with a baby named Gizelle. This baby was born premature and was separated from her parents for they were going through illness for being heroin addicts. After Gizelle’s parents gave her up for adoption, Liz stepped in and took Gizelle home.

Liz admits that Gizelle became her sunshine from the first day they met to now. Her baby who is now 2 years old has learned early on to sing “You are my sunshine” and had been singing this song to her mother Liz. It is very evident from the video that Gizelle knows the meaning of the song and sings it from the heart for her mom. According to Liz, she instinctively knew from the first moment that they were meant to be together. From then on Gizelle had been her ray of sunshine as she is to Gizelle. Indeed, their being together is heaven sent. Watch the video below as they willingly share their sunshine story …