Cameron Arnett Quit Hollywood Films When Asked to Do Nudity


The glitz and glamour of Hollywood are so tempting that it would take profound faith to refuse the lure of money. This is what happened to “Overcomer” actor Cameron Arnett, who gave up the money that he was supposed to receive in lieu of following the moral thing to do.

Arnett’s career as an actor is shining bright today, thanks to his lead role in the faith-based film, “Overcomer.” However, this was not how it went two decades ago, back when Arnett followed his faith and gave up the huge money that he was supposed to receive.

According to Christian Headlines, Arnett was on an upward trend back in the 80s and 90s, having landed roles in Doogie Howser, StarTrek, and Miami Vice.

Recounting his past, Arnett said that he was in California and he thought that it was already his “path.” He had a good career when suddenly, he was informed that he would be doing partial nudity in one of the movies, something which clearly opposed his faith.

“I was in California and things were going well. And I thought that was going to be my path…“They brought me in, and I auditioned… and I got the role,” Arnett recounted.

“… They were happy [and] the money was going to be really nice. For the first time, things are happening. And right before I signed, they said to me, ‘Oh by the way. We need you to do partial body nudity.’ And so it kind of like put a halt on everything. And I felt God tap me on the shoulder and say, ‘You know, it’s time to get out of the system,’” narrated Arnett.

He was hesitant, and so told the staff about his inhibitions. As a sort of compromise, they made a counter-offer by saying that they would be using a double for the movie.

Despite this, Arnett felt that God was telling him something and that maybe it was time for him to get out of the system. When he made the decision, he lost everything. His agency dropped him and he became bankrupt.

At that point, he thought that he was already done with acting. However, God’s plan was different since he got back into acting by doing faith-based projects.

Today, he is quite happy and contented where he is and on a final note, he said that the movie was very timely.

“I think it’s… very timely now, because we have a need of getting people back to their Savior, to their Lord,” Arnett stated.