Passengers of Crowded NYC Subway Train Enjoy Full Thanksgiving Meal

It is not your ordinary sight: passengers having a fine dining experience on a moving vehicle. But this is exactly what happened inside a New York City subway train.

Thanksgiving is clearly in the air as passengers aboard a Brooklyn-bound L train enjoyed themselves on a full course meal. Instead of just standing idly by waiting for their stop, a few passengers were seen holding plates of food and some had wine.

In the video first posted on Instagram that has since gone viral, a group of people is seen gathering around a long table. One woman dressed in apron carves the turkey for a couple of men who wanted to have a bite to eat.

“You want some of these? Everybody get their plates and sit down and eat,” she said.

Everybody seems to be having fun and you can hear the laughter in the background. There were also smiles in the passenger’s faces as they received food being passed around. There were dancing and singing. It is a heartwarming video that shows the camaraderie in time for Thanksgiving as passengers enjoyed the turkey, mac and cheese, cornbread and sparkling drinks.

The video was uploaded on Sunday and it has since received nearly 1,000 views with people commenting on how “sick” and “cool” it is.

“To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email*@chefbea6218 invited me to #thanksgiving today. The #Macandcheese was correct and the company was #classy. I F’ing love #nyc.,” user Flannery Foster captioned the video she shared.

This Thanksgiving gesture is not only cool but also a good example of showing generosity and sharing blessings with other people. It teaches us that we can always find means to show we care even if it is through feeding passengers on a subway train.