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Pastor Rick Warren On Whether Homosexuality Is A Sin

Pastor Rick Warren discusses the comments he made on the Piers Morgan show about homosexuality and whether or not it is a sin.Watch it and leave the comments, let us know how do you think?

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  1. Yes homosexuality is a sin, God doesn’t sugar coat this, it’s unnatural and it leads to hell.. truth.
    You can’t be a solid Christian while living in sin, if God can do ALL things and perform miracles then how hard is it for mighty God to deliver someone from homosexuality? Not hard at all!
    Why do people constantly try change the bible to suit their lifestyle, stop being so easily deceived! Homosexuality is so excepted now people aren’t speaking out on it anymore. What are you going to say to God when you stand before his mighty presence and asks why you chose not to speak out about homosexuality but spoke out about everything else? Being for Jesus means being bold, not a coward! Remember we are not of this world, don’t give into world view.

    If you still can’t hear the truth then humble yourself and pray over it, the answer will be clear.

  2. God says it is a sin, but thank God, He died for our sins and loves the sinner,
    All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I’m sure Rick warren didn’t
    Stop at that few words he would have had much more to say, check it

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