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Pastor Rick Warren On Whether Homosexuality Is A Sin

Pastor Rick Warren discusses the comments he made on the Piers Morgan show about homosexuality and whether or not it is a sin.Watch it and leave the comments, let us know how do you think?

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  1. You know your in the end times, when men who were called to shepherd.. turn away from their Master’s Teachings, & make it their to not hurt anyone’s Feelings.. so sad to see Rick join the ranks of those who have smeared the lines of right & wrong… Joel Osteen..The Word of God Is Very Clear in the Old&New Testament it is Sin… why we don’t listen to Man.. always refer to the word..

  2. The Bible clearly declared it as a sin and Bible is the word of God,You can see in mny verses if you open up your Bible,Maybe this pastor is totally a kind of lazy pastor who get used to keeping the Bible closed.
    Or Maybe he care more about some people’s opinion rather than God’s word.
    He’s talking nonesense or he’s a pastor with no reason and purpose,just being a pastor but change his shape as the world does change itself and clearly saying,he’s not spiritual at all.
    Lasltly,HOMOSEXUAL is a sin,you shouldn’t underestimate them but Being a CHRISTIAN you must not support these kinds of Things.

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