Pentatonix Singer Saw Visions — Realized They Were Messages From God


Pentatonix singer Matt Sallee recalled when he was a child, he always had this recurring dream that he is performing on stages. He later realized that these dreams were visions and they were from God. Sallee said God wanted him to use his talent for singing to spread His Gospel and share his Christian faith.

The Baltimore, Maryland native started to live out his visions and purpose at church. The son of a pastor, Sallee remembered singing beside his father while he played the organ. He was also active in youth and high school ministry. He said his walk with “God was constant and consistent.”

However, this all changed when he attended Berklee College Boston. He lost touch with God because he sought a similar place of worship like the one he had back home. Sallee had a “crisis of faith”  and “a difficult three-and-a-half years feeling like I was doing everything on my own.”

His connection with God returned soon after when he felt His presence while performing at local concerts and weddings. He rededicated his life halfway through college and used his talent for His glory.

“Even when I thought I was distant, I couldn’t be too distant from Him. I love Him too much; I crave being in His presence,” Salle told Christian Post.

Flash forward to the present, Salle is now a successful artist who brushes shoulders with some of the big names in the entertainment industry. Despite his fame, he never forgot his mission to glorify God and spread Christianity.

“I do meet powerful people in the entertainment industry, and I’ve been able to minister to quite a few people…You get into this entertainment industry, and you think, ‘I can’t be Justin Bieber and a Christian,’ but when you look at it, he’s leading worship more than most artists. I believe God is breaking down that mold and stigma like never before.”

Sallee is firm on his purpose of glorifying God through his talent. Outside of Pentatonix, he is also a worship leader and singer with Expression 58, a worship team based in Glendale, California. Now more than ever, the 25-year old said he will always find a way to draw those around him to Christ.