Police Went To Stop The Group But Really Shocked for Hearing People Were Praying for Them

We have a lot of people who were born having a mission of serving the country and its constituents. They have complicated tasks and is very dangerous. Responsibilities given to them needs perseverance and self-commitment. Do we ever get a chance to thank them? Or self-commitment year dedicated to them maybe?

Police Officers were shocked and their heart melted when a few people came to them one day shouting in prayers. It is such a nice feeling when you hear somebody prays for your own safety. They face their fear every day in order to maintain peace and order. They even sacrifice their lives just to make sure that people around the area are safe.

Now is the time for us to whisper a prayer for them. Pray that God is able to guide them all the days of their life as they tackle a long and winding road. They are facing danger every day and they are determined to serve their countrymen. Their mission and vision are to help and protect people from danger, maintaining peace on earth. Our simple prayer for their safety and guidance is a big thing for prayer is the greatest weapon on earth.

Walk with God

The police came to stop it but when the heard the message… 🔥🔥🔥

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