Proof That Jesus Is God In The Qur’an – Part 3

Amen, absolutely Jesus is God!

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    • But seriously, why would you need a shepherd? You’re not a sheep, you’re a human with a brain in your skull. You seem to have access to the internet, so go online and get an education instead of suffering through life with no direction. A 2000 year old book can’t teach you anything about life and how to live it. But learning about the reality in which you live will.

    • Just because you can’t explain something doesn’t make it something else. The logical line of thinking doesn’t go…. oh there better now, therefore god. First you would have to back up what you say with some evidence. How do you now what your reading is real? If there is no way to test for something, then there is no way to come to a conclusion. And after everything I’ve read on the matter of prayer and belief, it just doesn’t add up. I could just as easily say that it was the persons will to live that pulled them through an illness. I don’t know, but neither do you.

    • It’s better to have a shepherd I trust, being guided by Him, rather than be a lemming who mindlessly follows the public opinion, often to their death.
      And just because you claim not to believe in something, doesn’t mean you’re safe from being affected by it.
      Heh, there are people who don’t believe in the flu, but yet they’re not immune to it if they catch it. You say you don’t believe in Satan or hell or God, but that doesn’t change the Truth. And doesn’t change the fact you’re still accountable to God, and blinded by satan, and unfortunately like all those who refuse to take the gift of salvation, going to hell.

    • first of all midget is a derogatory term and has no place in today’s society, like religion, and second, if your telling me that religion is a disease, I tend to agree with you. We should do all we can to cure it.

    • Thirdly, I’m sure you think that what you have written is logical and makes perfect sense, but I can’t begin to point out all the holes in your argument, it would take me all you’re gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

    • First: “midget” is nowhere in my words, as my last name is “midgett” and has no dictation or connotational relevance to the conversation nor the word “midget.”
      Second: No I’m not suggesting that. I used the flu because sin is like a disease and you don’t apparently believe in sin and yet….it doesn’t mean you won’t reap the wages of it, unless you decide to take the cure.
      Third: (Not “thirdly” by the way, since we’re speaking about logic, try to show yourself as worthy of logical conversation) If my comment were so full of holes, it would take only a matter of minutes to begin showing them to me. However, as I’ve met many mockers in my day, I see you’re taking the route of big words with little substance. My guess is you’ll either leave off and hope to end the conversation, or you’ll do a google search for the latest of your atheist idols’ apparent refutations of the Christian faith or Bible, and copy/paste the same regurgitated arguments that hold little to no water or are quite illogical or unscientific.
      In either case, my time is far too precious and limited for me to spend time arguing with someone who has made up his mind already and closed it so tightly that he’ll never listen to anything of opposing views. So….take care. I’ve said my points. Good day.

    • Clearly you are the one who has made up your mind about reality. You are claiming that god exists without evidence. I’m not making any claims about anything other than what we can observe, test and study. And thirdly is a word. It’s in the dictionary. And no my mind is not closed, if you can show one bit of evidence to back up anything you have suggested then I would be more than happy to take it on. I’m only suggesting that all religion does not fit with anything we can test, observe or demonstrate. You have made the choice to believe in something that is has no testable parts to it. You have to have faith to make that kind of leap into the supernatural, and sadly faith is not a reliable path to truth. The act of belief doesn’t make something real or true. I can not prove that god exists, because there is no way to prove it. Which means you also can’t prove it.
      And I do believe in the flu virus, because you can see it! We can test for it, it makes us sick and has an effect in reality. The air has an effect on things around it, but you can’t see it, but you can still test it!

    • My reference to your use of “thirdly” was not in reference to whether it was a real word, but rather a reference to your improper use of it.
      You say you’re not closed minded, yet fail to consider that there are things in existence outside of your own personal world and ability to perceive things. That….is the very definition of being closed-minded. To not be able to consider there is more than what you know out there, is to be closed-minded.

    • And the idols….yes you have them, you just don’t admit it. Just like you have faith because you make many daily judgments based on things you have yet to prove with 100% accuracy, therefore making judgments based on faith that something will happen a certain way.
      But, this will be my last comment, since you’re admittedly a troll and not open to actual logical conversation to hear and receive any beliefs differing from your own. So, good day Leon.

    • Jesus told them : For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive!!! So its liken 2×2=4 so all the religions and wisdoms + all univers = JESUS !!! So You can”t tell me that 2×2 = 5 😂 if its = 4 !!! Nothing , can change the TRUTH !!! SORRY TO ALL THOSE WHO ARN”T “” CHRISTIANS “” JESUS STILL LOVES YOU !!!

    • Its been past more than 2000 years , them the people were very veeery stupid now we are more inteligent , we sime of us still with the minde of 2000 yrs ago but well i want to say that there is faith and this faith brings out people from big problems , but if your faith is in fake god, power, divanie fake sience thing it wont help you in your life !!! We are just HUMANS , GOD IS GOD !!!!

    • Jesus chose not to save Himself. He went to His crucifixion willingly to be killed like a lamb going to slaughter. He did this because, as we learn in John`s Gospel chapter 3, verse 16, He loved us: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes on Him would not perish but have eternal life.” And God still loves us today.
      Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our wrongdoings. If He had not died, He could not have paid for our wrongdoings (our sins). Therefore, He chose to die so that we could be saved by believing on Him.
      Jesus had to die on the cross to pay for our wrongdoing, for our sins. The law required that mankind die for his wrongdoing (sins) because mankind violated God`s law. We all violate God`s law in some way or another, whether through deed, or thought, or both. God knew that man could not improve his behavior enough to satisfy the demands of the law or enough to merit going to Heaven to be with Him. So, He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for our wrongdoing, sins (John 3:16).
      Jesus had to die on the cross to satisfy the law – that sin be paid for by death.
      The cross was the chosen instrument for the death of Jesus because this was the form of death inflicted on criminals and ordered by the Romans who governed Jerusalem at this time. It was the most grueling kind of death a person could face. The word “excruciating” is rooted in the word “crucifixion”. It was perhaps the most excruciating form of death to exist. And yet Jesus died willingly for us–so that we could know Him and have eternal life.
      Jesus died on the cross to fulfill prophesy. The death of Jesus upon the cross was prophesied in several places in the Old Testament Bible, including in Isaiah 53 and also in Psalm 22.
      Read about the crucifixion in John`s Gospel here.
      Read more Scriptures showing why Jesus had to die here.
      If Jesus had not died on the cross for us, we could not know Him and be saved. He died on the cross willingly because He loved us and wanted to make a way for us to spend eternity with Him.

    • Renz Nasir you’re the idiot he resurrected himself on the third day from death. I would say that’s saving himself. I think you’re so against Christianity because it teaches against homosexuals and it says in your bio you’re interested in men so that means you’re homosexual. Real Christians do not hate homosexuals we just hate the sin that it is. God made Adam and Eve for procreation. Two Men and two women cannot procreate. It clearly states in the Bible no homosexuals idolaters nor drunkards will enter the kingdom of heaven.

    • Renz Nasir u r a fool n i think ur mom never teach u about Bible..u just said wat came to ur mind bad u hv no proof.. But we have the proof throught Jesus christ our savoiur.. U din even know what is the meaning of sacrifice..

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