Proof That Jesus Is God In The Qur’an – Part 3

Amen, absolutely Jesus is God!

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  1. What is the sign of cross it tells you,to me that everyone of using this sign of the cross when you say Amen that means you agree that the father and the son and the Holly spirit are just one.The Bible will tell you the truth about God like what said in the Bible there is nothing in this world that build of stone that will be destroyed but the words of God cannot be destroyed.AmenAnd God also said,I am the life the light and the way no one can go to the father before me.

  2. I m not , just explaining the post , there is the proof and this is the basis of Islam Hazrat Eisa is roohe Allah / Jesus is spirit of. God and is above their prophet Mohammed . Muslims cannot deny this Kalma . However their religion starts with the story of prophet Mohammed .

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