Rebekah Lyons Says Prayer, Hope In God Healed Her From Panic Attack Struggle


Christian speaker Rebekah Lyons has battled panic attacks and thought she has overcome years of her struggles when she suffered a major attack while in bed. It was at this moment that she “found her voice” and decided to leave all of her sufferings to God.

“All of a sudden I get my voice and I just raise my hands and said,’ rescue me, I cannot do this without you.’ And I was just done,” Lyons told Today.

She has written about how she overcame her anxiety and how God played a major part of it in her new book “Rhythms of Renewal.” When asked how she felt rescued, Lyons recalled that she “immediately felt flooded with peace.”

“I didn’t have language for it I knew it was like that God was giving me peace,” she said.

Talking about her book, Lyons said she wrote it after she had a relapse and decided to trust God and his healing powers. She looked at the relapse as a reminder to “stay vulnerable, to stay humble” and to be reminded that she can “trust something greater” than herself. From here, she takes things one step at a time towards healing with God’s guidance.

Lyons finds spiritual health through her 15-minute morning routine which includes daily morning prayers, journal entry, daily devotionals, and giving thanks.

“Prayer grants me access to the Holy Spirit’s comfort, a balm that transcends time and space, reputation and race. Through these moments, Jesus repairs, restores, redeems, and resurrects,” Lyons shared with

As for reading the Bible for her daily devotionals, Lyons said, “through the Scriptures, I learn who he’s made me to be. I learn how to live a life that looks more like Christ’s. I learn how to love others—Gabe, my family, the world around me—well.”

Lyons ends her day by giving thanks to God for all the blessings and continuous healing. She says her gratitude for “the things that already happened, the things that were happening, and the things that would come.”