Pastor Rick Warren On Whether Homosexuality Is A Sin

    Pastor Rick Warren discusses the comments he made on the Piers Morgan show about homosexuality and whether or not it is a sin.Watch it and leave the comments, let us know how do you think? – Put Gods Words on our Daily Stuff & Send a Message to the World! Click to shop now: Christian Bible Verse Forgiven – Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt


    1. Who cares what man says, what does God say??? You are asking a pastor that admits, he doesn’t understand all of God’s word. Why ask him? He is more concerned about showing what he has done, and how much money he has given for the cure of aids..maybe if he read God’s word and believed it, he would know God already has a cure for aids. But anytime a man’s say’s he doesn’t have all the answers, he is answering as a man, with man’s knowledge. Ask him what does God say! What does God say? What does God say? God does not care how much you have spent on aids awareness or cure, he wants you to teach his word. So run from this pastor, he has confessed already that he does not understand God at all. Amen!!!

    2. Rick Warren should know better than to insinuate homosexuality might not be a sin. It’s spelled out in the Bible. That being said I’ve had three gay family members and one bi cousin. When my Aunt and her partner would visit they would stay with us and nothing negative was mentioned. My Aunt is the person who has me convinced a large percentage of Gays are born gay. I don’t know about a gay gene but it could be a mutated or defective gene, much like down syndrome except it causes same-sex attraction and masculine attributes. Women who are what I call natural lesbians are more masculine than the average woman, they have better muscle definition, improved coordination and enhanced athletic ability. This was obvious on the professional Women’s golf tour or professional Tennis. Billy Jean King and Martina Navratilova come to mind. Both were superior to the average female professional athlete. I would guess both had elevated testosterone levels for some reason but it wasn’t checked back then.

    3. One of the most argued subject in our christian family…
      Some say Homosexuality is a sin
      Sin must be repented of
      How can a gay person be forgiven if they are still gay??
      I say to you
      Matthew 5:32 But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her the victim of adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.
      So heterosexual couples live in unrepented sin just like the gay couples they condemn.
      over half of the church is divorced and remarried and if THEY are pointing fingers at gays …they are in danger
      The BLOOD of Yeshua was shed for ALL sin and NO ONE can come to God the Father without it.
      Are you trusting in your own righteousness or in Gods gift of redemption?
      yes the bible says homosexual sex is sin, divorced and remarried sex is a sin, gossip is a sin, envy is a sin…
      do you think you earned your salvation or did you receive it as a gift even when YOU WERE NOT WORTHY
      Be very very careful church ..the law is easy …love is difficult

    4. No other sin has the devil so aggressively attacked Christianity and the Bible with, even using hate speech laws to further gag us from speaking the truth. The Obama Admin. set up a system so they could censor Pastor’s messages. Thank God for Trump. No room for compromising.

    5. God made me just as I am. No one else need approve of my lifestyle. He and are are ok with the way things are. That’s why it’s called a personal relationsh with Jesus Christ. Only he and i need understand where we stand. I hope everyone finds the peace I know through his grace! #Imok #rybw (red and yellow, black or white we are precious in his sight) dont let those on the left put us down! #ActRight #wwjd