Satan Has A Son…And He’s Here! Who Is He?

This message is unexpected, you can not miss…

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  1. Even if people don’t believe in son of Satan. We have to believe in the Son of God that is Jesus, and he said that we need to be saved.. there are many context in the Bible which tells us to repent and accept Christ the one true saviour.. what ever others say maybe true and maynot be but for non believers i would definitely say there’s no eternity without Christ. Concepts can be misleading but Faith in Christ will always show you the light…

  2. The nephilim are the children of fallen angels who slept with wemon, demon spawn, goliath was a nephilim for example, nephilim used to occupy most of the earth, the USA is covered in hundreds of dig sites where bodies were discovered, wemon used to love sleeping with demons apparently

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