Sexual Predators ‘Flock’ Drag Queen Story Hour, Counselor Urges Parents To Take Action


Jon Uhler, who has worked with 4,000 serial predators in his 11-year career, advises parents to be extra vigilant during Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) because the readers may be predators hiding behind drag clothes. He calls for action against the increasing number of these deviants especially after a Texas library allowed a man with a criminal record to participate in the event.

The licensed clinical counselor adds that people can’t just sit back and not do anything to stop these predators. He says to do nothing is like handing the kids over to these predators.

“Predators are using this [Drag Queen Story Hour] as a test to find out the degree of resolve of that community. And if it’s easy pickings, trust me, predators are going to begin to flock to that community,” Uhler told The Christian Post.

However, he believes that protests or picketing Drag Queen Story Hour isn’t the best method to address the issue. Instead, he suggests gathering evidence through videos or hidden cameras and encourages parents or guardians to do their part whenever they are at the event.

“The only way this is going to be stopped is if the public sees that every single time, at every single one of these, really perverse things are going on. So you let their own actions speak for themselves,” he said.

Uhler added that parents should then talk and present the evidence to commissioners or supervisors, or “whoever has the checkbook for the library.”

Uhler’s warning comes after the group MassResistance identified the featured drag queen in Austin Public Library as a criminal offender. David Lee Richardson, who goes by “Miss Kitty Litter,” has been reading to children for the past year despite his arrest and conviction record in 1996 for prostitution, which is illegal in the state penal code.  Richardson also has a history of posting lewd messages and photos about sex and homosexuals on social media. And he is an avid fan of porn sites.

The city council of Texas eventually closed the event in the library after several meetings with the group and complaints from the public. The council also voted to hold background checks moving forward for all their readers.

Prior to this, the group successfully shut down the Houston program after they revealed two of the readers as convicted child molesters.

According to MassResistance, public officials initially didn’t think of Richardson’s criminal record as “inappropriate” enough to remove him from Drag Queen Story Hour and to close the event in Austin.  They would rather keep him as not to anger the LGBTQ community.

MassResistance, a group actively exposing identities of sexual predators, wants to shut down all the DQSH programs which have hired “terribly dysfunctional people on several levels.” The programs do not do background checks on their drag queens who read to children in bookstores, libraries, and schools. Worse, these readers are regarded as “role models” in the program’s mission to bring awareness and acceptance to people who “defy rigid gender restrictions.”

Uhler said this lapse in security check lies with the fact that those who handle the program don’t have a clinical background in assessing risk and determining if a person is a predator or not.  These people haven’t worked forensically with sex offenders. He also revealed that pornography is the 100% reason why men become deviants.