SHOCKING WARNING: The LORD Allowed Me To See The Judgement Day (This Is Not A Joke)

Hey everyone . My name is sister Blanche Munia. Today I bring today what the lord allowed me to see. First I would like to say I am a christian was born in a christian family and lived my life as a christian I though being a “Christian” is all that could take me to heaven BUT I WAS WRONG. The Lord OPENED MY EYES few months ego to see The JUDGEMENT DAY and I was JUDGED BY HIM . AFTER THAT I started trying to live a good life avoiding anything bad but I didnt really put so many efforts being a good person and living a good life, until few weeks Ego THE LORD CAME TO ME AND TOLD ME “ITS TIME” and after I WAS NEVER THE SAME PERSON I STARTED LOVING GOD,HIS WORDS, I FORGIVE PEOPLE AND STARTED LOVING PEOPLE AND PRAYING MORE until yesterday I was praying for the world I ASKED GOD TO FORGIVE THE WORLD, TO FORGIVE EVERYONE THAT LOVES OR HATE HIM,THAT WORKS FOR HIM OR NOT AND I WENT TO BED FOR ME TO HEAR “THE LORD TELLING THE SAINTs TO GET READY!!! THEY ARE COMING SOON!!!! HE TOLD THE ANGELS AND EVERY TO GET READY THE PLAY THE LAST SONG THEY COMING !!!!! THE LORD IS COMING PLEASE REPENT , GIVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST AND MAKE HIM YOUR PRIORITY. He loves you and HE IS COMING, HE CANT WAIT ANYMORE!!!!.JESUS IS COMING!!! HE IS HERE ALREADY LET THOSE WHO HAVE EYES BE ABLE TO SEE HIM…

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  1. I read a book called ‘Divine Revelations Of Hell’! It was one scary true revelation of hell! It was described as being in a body shape. It was black and dark.
    The lady who had these revelations of both heaven and hell is a Christian and suffered deeply because of what she saw. But she knew God wanted her to share her experiences with others while we still have the choice. Once we’re dead it’s too late.
    Hell is not a place you ever want to go to. It’s a place of torture and fire beyond description. She saw people being burned but still alive – forever.
    Whether or not you believe in heaven and hell doesn’t matter.. because it’s there no matter what!
    I don’t want to scare anyone into accepting Jesus into their lives – because He loves you so much.
    It’s why He came down to earth and died for us. He wanted to take what we deserved so all we have to do is accept Him into our lives.
    I know how much love and peace I have now because I believe in God.

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