SHOCKING WARNING: The LORD Allowed Me To See The Judgement Day (This Is Not A Joke)

Hey everyone . My name is sister Blanche Munia. Today I bring today what the lord allowed me to see. First I would like to say I am a christian was born in a christian family and lived my life as a christian I though being a “Christian” is all that could take me to heaven BUT I WAS WRONG. The Lord OPENED MY EYES few months ego to see The JUDGEMENT DAY and I was JUDGED BY HIM . AFTER THAT I started trying to live a good life avoiding anything bad but I didnt really put so many efforts being a good person and living a good life, until few weeks Ego THE LORD CAME TO ME AND TOLD ME “ITS TIME” and after I WAS NEVER THE SAME PERSON I STARTED LOVING GOD,HIS WORDS, I FORGIVE PEOPLE AND STARTED LOVING PEOPLE AND PRAYING MORE until yesterday I was praying for the world I ASKED GOD TO FORGIVE THE WORLD, TO FORGIVE EVERYONE THAT LOVES OR HATE HIM,THAT WORKS FOR HIM OR NOT AND I WENT TO BED FOR ME TO HEAR “THE LORD TELLING THE SAINTs TO GET READY!!! THEY ARE COMING SOON!!!! HE TOLD THE ANGELS AND EVERY TO GET READY THE PLAY THE LAST SONG THEY COMING !!!!! THE LORD IS COMING PLEASE REPENT , GIVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST AND MAKE HIM YOUR PRIORITY. He loves you and HE IS COMING, HE CANT WAIT ANYMORE!!!!.JESUS IS COMING!!! HE IS HERE ALREADY LET THOSE WHO HAVE EYES BE ABLE TO SEE HIM…

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  1. Yes and it won’t be long. People that do not believe are seeing demons more and more. Angels are revealing themselves more. It is up to everyone to either except or reject Him. Even though I have excepted Him as my Savior I know I haven’t done and will never do enough for Him. I have come a long way only because of Him. I haven’t been on heroin, crack, meth, or opium since 2003, and methadone since 2005, and haven’t had alcohol since 2012 except to gargle for bad tooth a couple times. I am so not perfect. I have made so many mistakes. I was a stripper and prostitute for awhile. Then I heard the song through my daughter’s eyes and I didn’t want my daughter to grow up and having to be ashamed of her mom. Then I started working for different auto parts stores, and then I worked doing odd jobs, cleaning houses and offices, and then my favorite job was a call center to do approval codes, declines, conference calls, tax payments, bank deposits, and also helping clients with their credit card machines. Oh how I loved it there. I felt so good about myself. I knew I was going to be ok. Since then though I have had to have 2 back surgeries, knee surgery, and also had my 11th concussion because I trusted the wrong people. It’s ok though. Why? Because I still know God is with me and has been all the time. I know He exists! I know He loves everyone so so very much including me and all my failures. No one here on earth is perfect and never will be. However, God is perfect! I am so ready for the New Heaven and the New Earth to be created. So many are and have suffered much on this earth but it isn’t God’s fault. God gave us free will. He has given us everything and yet we spit in His face everyday. We aren’t thankful enough, think we are the ones in control, turn from Him, not loving each other, when we turn on each other we are hurting God, so much hate, and not doing the simple things He asks us to do. When we get big for our britches and think we have everything and everything all figured out He takes things from us not because He doesn’t love us but because He needs us to know everything is in His hands. He needs us to acknowledge Him. He does all these wonderful things for us and all He wants is for us to choose Him, appreciate Him, accept Him, honor Him, love each other how He loves us, to give Him our time, to be with Him, to just love Him. He knows we cannot be perfect and yet He loves us anyway. He doesn’t want to hurt us but when we hurt or go through some pretty rough times we grow and hopefully know we can always trust Him. So we shouldn’t doubt Him because that also hurts Him. Think of all the things we do to others, how others do things to us, and also how our children hurt us but we still love them. Now think of all that hurt that’s just with people we know. Now imagine all the people of the world hurting you or one of your loved ones in every which way possible. That’s what God has gone through since the beginning. Yet He still loves each of us. Now think of how our children do wrong do we just let it go or must some type of punishment be given? Some type of punishment must be given right? Well the same goes for God because we as His children. Do we punish our children just out of meanness? No we do it because we love them, we want the best for them, we do not want to hurt them, we want them to know right from wrong, we need them to be good strong human beings, and to be better than we are. He honestly thinks the same way except He doesn’t want us to be better than Him because we can’t however He does want us to be better than the last generation. There’s so much more but I so hope that I am getting through to someone about His points of view because honestly this is His point of view. If not a seed has been planted and hopefully the next person will get through. May God bless you all!

  2. She is telling the trueth. God is here and he will judage us. He loves us so much that even thoe he is here he still giving us the opportunity to repent. He knows we are not perfect but he loves us. We need to repent and believe in him, for there is only one God He is Jesus. Father God have mercy on us for we are weak and need you desperately and I am one of them, please for give us for we are not as strong. For give us all and me and my family have mercy Father God don’t leave us in Jesus Name Amen. For give me my family and friends and the world for we are weak. Thank you Father God Jesus Amen.

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