Staff And Customers Of Chick-Fil-A Bowed Together For Saving Her Life- Prayer is the Greatest Weapon on Earth!

Prayer is our means of communicating with God. The Bible tells us to go into a quiet room and say a prayer to God for He will surely listen to it. It is the most effective way to solve whatever situation that we face.

The staff of Chick-Fil-A invited everyone to stop and bow down for a moment of prayer. For one of their crew named Trish is undergoing a breast cancer surgery at the very moment. It was so heartwarming that even customers took their time to bow down and pray for her. Unity was seen among the staffs and the customers as they all come into prayer. They prayed to give Trish the strength to overcome and survive her surgery.

Christians should serve as an example living a Christ-like life. We should not be shy in public every time we pray. We still need to say a simple prayer to God even if we are in a crowded restaurant thanking God for giving us the food that we eat. We have read a lot of stories already telling everyone how great is the power of prayer and what it can do. The Lord has commanded us in His scriptures that we must obey. Pray without ceasing!

Talk to God in prayer for He is listening. He knows the desire of our hearts and hears our prayer depending on our intention. He grants our wishes as long as you remain faithful to His words. Let us also pray for the people in our community that they may know Jesus in their lives, all together let us pray for a better future.

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