“Suffering Leads to Salvation”: Jim Carrey Preaches the Hope of Jesus

Thought for the Day From Jim Carrey – June 9, 2017: This Room is Filled With God

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  1. It seems GOD is doing a work in drawing Jim, to Himself and the Cross of Christ. We should pray for him, he could reach 100 million people for GOD in a short time. He that has begun a good work will complete it in Jim Carey’s life. In Jesus Name!

  2. Salvation is only from the LORD Jesus Christ. He believes in New Age stuffs, he is “not save” in Christ yet..
    I watched his speech and this is New Ages stuffs,
    Maharishi University of Management
    eastern religion/hindium/new age etc

  3. Watched video I believe people do come to salvation also from suffering thru hurt , there lost etc ..he not perfect Christian.. None of us are.. I tell you what he is a great actor though , he sure got that gift

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