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“Suffering Leads to Salvation”: Jim Carrey Preaches the Hope of Jesus

Thought for the Day From Jim Carrey – June 9, 2017: This Room is Filled With God

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  1. Watched video I believe people do come to salvation also from suffering thru hurt , there lost etc ..he not perfect Christian.. None of us are.. I tell you what he is a great actor though , he sure got that gift

  2. Salvation is only from the LORD Jesus Christ. He believes in New Age stuffs, he is “not save” in Christ yet..
    I watched his speech and this is New Ages stuffs,
    Maharishi University of Management
    eastern religion/hindium/new age etc

  3. It seems GOD is doing a work in drawing Jim, to Himself and the Cross of Christ. We should pray for him, he could reach 100 million people for GOD in a short time. He that has begun a good work will complete it in Jim Carey’s life. In Jesus Name!

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