“Suffering Leads to Salvation”: Jim Carrey Preaches the Hope of Jesus

Thought for the Day From Jim Carrey – June 9, 2017: This Room is Filled With God

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  1. Jim Carey is a Satanist and Atheist of the HIGHEST ORDER in Hollywood. He is High Priest and has sold his soul and many others. Do not be deceived by celebrities like Carey, Justin Bieber, Oprah, and dozens more. None served The True Savior of The World. They all are in a pact with the DECIEVER OF MAN. The fallen Angel.

  2. ” Suffering Leads to Salvation”
    It does?
    My Bible says that the only way to be saved is with Jesus Christ.
    Read it in John 14:6 and John 3:16 and stop reading and at the same time believing in the words of a man.

    There are a lot of people that suffer and that is a sad thing, but suffering does not bring forth salvation.

    You can suffer as hell and still end up in hell.

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