Suspect Confesses to Murder After He Hears the Song ‘Redeemed,’ Singer Credits Change of Heart to God


Arrested suspects hardly confess to crimes. However, the suspect of murder had a change of heart after hearing the song “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave.

Mike Weaver, the lead singer of contemporary Christian band Big Daddy Weave, gives all the praise and honor to God after a murder suspect confessed to the crime. The song of the band, “Redeemed,” played a huge role in getting the man to confess to the crime.

The suspect, Danny Dashay Holmes, voluntarily made the confession, after hearing the lyrics of the powerful song.

According to The Christian Post, Weaver and the band were so amazed at how God used their song to touch the heart of Holmes.

“We are continually amazed at how God has used this song. The moment we started singing ‘Redeemed’ stories began to pour in of God’s grace. But as a band, we have nothing to do with the stories we hear about the song, it’s only Jesus. Only He can use a song in this way. We’re so thankful for all God continues to do,” said Weaver.

The crime took place three years ago. Cesar Lopez-Flores, a father of three, was murdered.

Holmes’ confession took everyone at the courtroom by surprise since he just confessed spontaneously, something they did not expect.

As per Holmes’ confession, he kidnapped Brittany Johnson in Shelbyville and forced her to drive her to Lopez-Flores’ home where he fatally shot the victim.

According to Holmes, God changed him when he was in prison.

“I knew the Lord was just on me, weighing on me over and over,” Holmes said. “I’m 30-years-old, and I’ve been fighting for nothing all my life. I’ve been fighting for gangs. … I ain’t never fought for anything that made sense. But I knew the Lord was telling me to fight for Him this time. I just knew He was stirring on my spirit,” he added.

He even brought a notebook with him in court where the lyrics of “Redeemed” were written.

Indeed, God uses music to touch lives. He just touched the heart of a murderer and had him confess to a crime! What an amazing God we have!